In this cyberpunk world, animals have been extinct for hundreds of years. But DotGov has saved DNA and body parts of certain animals. DotGov plans to recreate these animals as animal/human cyborgs. DotGov would take the orphans and the disabled from The Streetz and turn them into these cyborgs. These cyborgs are immortal so they will provide animal products and entertainment to the people in the HighZones forever. But only its first creation was successful, every one after had defects. All the failed creations are thrown back down to The Streetz. The more capable cyborgs work together to help the people in The Streetz, and exact their revenge on the DotGov. Cable is a human mixed with the genes of the funnel-web spider. Those genes are embedded into the robotic parts attached to him. Cable is tall and skinny guy who uses his silk to climb the skyscrapers in the HighZones. His defect was that he had limited production of toxin and silk. His human parts are also susceptible to his own toxin. Cable’s job is to spy and steal any animal parts and documents from DotGov.
Skills developed: Adobe Photoshop and Indesign

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