Jane is an aspiring writer who spends most of her time in coffee shops. One day, on her way home from the coffee shop, she gets into a car accident. She falls into a week long coma. Before she awakens, she recalls her unfortunate childhood. Her parents abused and neglected her, but all she ever wanted was to play a board game and spin the color spinner with her parents. This memory triggers her desire to exact revenge on the world.
On the Monday after she wakes up from her coma, she goes back to the coffee shop. There, she spins the arrow on her color spinner and it lands on the color red. She spots a woman wearing red nail polish. Jane tells herself that those red fingernails are beautiful and should belong to her. This prompts her to follow that woman and stalk her. After a couple days of stalking, she discovers that that woman’s name is Sally and she lives by the woods where she used to get beat by her parents. On that Saturday, Jane carries out her plans to kill Sally. First, she sneaks into Sally’s home, cuts off the power, and steals Sally’s phone and keys. Then she throws rocks at Sally’s windows, but never throws hard enough to break them so she can generate more fear in Sally. After she’s done playing with her prey, she breaks back into the house to kill Sally, and then she drags her corpse into the woods. Jane plans to keep Sally’s fingers as souvenirs, but the police arrive before she could cut off all ten. Jane manages to take off with one finger and leaves the color spinner pointing to the red section on Sally’s face.
Skills developed: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign

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