Age, Oil Paint, 2016
A portrait of my brother and my grandfather.
Four Heroes, Acrylic Paint Mural, 2017
Mural of Wu ZeTian, Queen Elizabeth the First, Rosa Parks and Malala Yousafzai in Shaker Heights High School. These women positively impacted history and fought for the rights of the people. Wu Zetian, the first and only "Female Emperor of China," was religiously tolerant and supported women and the poor. Queen Elizabeth the first was also religiously tolerant, stabilized England, and prompted the growth of the arts. Rosa Parks, the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement," fought for racial equality and initiated the Civil Rights Movement. Malala Yousafzai fought for gender equality and pushed for education of women and children. All of these women influenced society and history and deserve to be in the halls of my high school. I wanted to add more women of different backgrounds to the collection of murals at my high school that  predominantly depicted male figures. After I graduated more murals of influential women were painted and I hope that the future generations will continue to diversify the walls of Shaker Heights High School.
Self Portrait, Oil Paint, 2015
This was my second oil painting. In this painting, I wanted to focus on color and the unexpected hues that can be found in one's skin tone. 
Squire's Castle, Oil Paint, 2015
My first oil painting. The premise of this assignment was to paint an architectural feature in the Cleveland area.

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